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Teacher Feature: Christina Daniels, Wunderlich Intermediate

Teacher Feature: Christina Daniels, Wunderlich Intermediate

For Wunderlich Intermediate Principles of Human Services teacher (and campus teacher of the year!) Ms. Christina Daniels, every day is a chance for her to build a lasting connection while teaching a subject she’s truly passionate about: applicable life skills.

“Skills that students learn in my class are what they long to learn — culinary skills, financial literacy, social skills and more,” Ms. Daniels said. “I wanted to be able to provide a chance for students to learn skills that they could apply in their world outside of school, to create a bridge between home and school life.”

While practicing their budgeting skills and running a business from the ground up — students created their own Wunderland Gift Shop last semester! — is part of the exciting learning experience in Ms. Daniels’ class, what makes the biggest impression on our young Wildcats is Ms. Daniels herself.

“I always seem to attract students that need just a little bit more understanding and care. The reason is because they mimic who I was growing up,” Ms. Daniels said. “Sometimes, it feels as though there’s a magnet drawing them to me and it allows me to be there for them in a way that so many teachers were there for me.”

Without a doubt, there is something magnetic about Ms. Daniels. Dozens of students can be seen stopping by her classroom in between classes just to see her bright smile and receive a warm embrace. For some students, she’s more than just their teacher; she’s a role model and family member.

“A sweet, former 6th grade student of mine asked me to participate in her 15th birthday celebration as a godparent,” Ms. Daniels said. “I was thankful that she and her mother thought enough of the relationship that we’d built to include me in an important celebration in such a special way. What an honor.”

Although she is quick to talk about how amazing her students are, Ms. Daniels is equally enthused to acknowledge those who have supported and cheered her on during her teaching career.

“I’ve had amazing administrators that treat teachers like professionals and value our input, which is important for a job that can sometimes be thankless,” Ms. Daniels said. “I also have coworkers who walk alongside me and help me gain more insight into my students. This allows me to tailor my instruction to meet the individual needs of my students.”

Beyond teaching, Ms. Daniels is also a true Klein Family member. She is a parent and resident of Klein ISD since 2003!

“It has been an awesome experience raising our boys in this district, meeting neighbors in the community, and being able to pour into students and families in the Klein community,” Ms. Daniels said. “We feel the community’s support and love equally in return.”

Likewise, Ms. Daniels! The whole Klein Family is absolutely in awe of your commitment to your students and families. Thank you for radiating positivity, love, and compassion in your work!

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